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April 30th – Show 235

The One with Swineflu In tonights show:Mafs a bit ill and has mic troubles at the start of the show but we swiftly rectify them and move onto swineflu, eurolottery, interest rates and asking our listeners to populate the world with celebrities (like PARIS Hilton and CUBA Gooding Jr.)Maf has watched some films but only [...]

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April 23rd – Show 234

The One with St George In tonights show:We hear about Lees spa weekend at Lion QuaysMaf watched Leverage and the US version of Life On MarsAshes To Ashes series 2 started this weekwe hear about the black death, the budget and Spotify (no related theme here)Maf fills in a form for a new job (in the [...]

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April 16th – Show 233

The One with Retro TV In tonights show:We hear about Lees Easter weekend gig.What exactly is the agreement Maf has made to sell his house?Hear the initial plans for Ts Felt FellasWe spend a large percentage of the show refining last weeks idea for our new (imaginary) Retro TV channel.Keep watching the TwitterDon't forget you [...]

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April 9th – Show 232

The One with Giggles In tonights show:We're face to face in the New Snug towers which results in mayhem.  In the first hour we cover cling film undies, predictive testes and spray coffee all over the equipmentWe learn all about dogging, and hear all about Mafs week of house painting.  Lees away this Easter weekend, [...]

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April 2nd – Show 231

The One with A New Site In tonights show:We discuss April FoolsMaf tells us about Monsters Vs Aliens and then rants about the (extra) price of 3D films.We urge you to visit (and register at) The New Website (currently under construction, feel free to suggest, using the contact form)We have a great answer to last [...]

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