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March 26th – Show 230

The One with Cheese Logic In tonights show:Cheese LogicMafs Gym TimeLees bad day & the New Snug WebsiteLas VegasWhat Lee would do if he was 17 againAgain, due to crappy Live365 software, you podcast listeners get an edited version with better quality music and backtrax. Enjoy!Keep watching the TwitterThe Question of the Week:If you were [...]

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Live365 restrictions

So, for those of you that wanted to know, here are the rules we have to abide by for our live show...The Live365 DMCA streaming rules: 1. No "interactive service." Basically no requests played at specified times 2. In any three-hour period: * not more than three songs from the same recording * not more [...]

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March 19th – Show 229

The One with 67000 Gallons In tonights show:Lee enthralls us with details of a t-tree wash & rinseMaf fills us in on his networking effortsMaf attends a gay wedding reception and talks get the complete run down from Tamara about her past 3 weekswe have technical difficulties with Live365 softwareAs I've had to edit [...]

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March 12th – Show 228

The One with Sweet Gossip In tonights show:Maf reviews Botched - best summarised as 'bonkers'We play a small selection from local band Sweet Gossip - including Run, Purple Rain and Feeling Good (ironically, this leads us to be de-listed by the hyper restrictiveLive 365, resulting in no-one being able to reconnect...bastards!!)We have Skype technical difficulties [...]

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March 5th – Show 227

The One with M.C. Lars In tonights show:we talked about loads of stuff, we welcomed new listeners Joanna & Seymour and the return of listener Puppy.  We go from 'Dear penis' and MC Lars to killing US TV execs  and faking Mafs death.  It's quite a show and I totally forgot to update the shownotes...I [...]

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