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February 26th – Show 226

The One Before A Reunion In tonights show:We hear about Lees upcoming school reunion...not an official one you understand...this is a Facebook inspired reunion.  It does have the added bonus of bringing a few of his old friends out of the woodwork to listen to the show  (wether they made it all the way through [...]

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February 19th – Show 225

The One With Twitter In tonights show:Maf goes on and on about Twitter (Follow us now for up to the minute Snug & Maf news) as he starts a new job, finds it somewhat on the boring side and sees that Twitter isn't blocked.We chat to (about) our lovely returning listener (Rebeccah) and dig a [...]

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February 12th – Show 224

The One With Friday the 13th In tonights show:We discuss the past 2 weeks fiascos and the future plans for the showFriday 13th tomorrow, the day (superstitions) and the new filmwe talk a bit about Valentines DayWe also mention The Lounge Show after all these years cos Mafs been in touch with Bob and it [...]

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The Future – An update

Hi thereThis is just a quick one to let you know what's going on.This evening one of our loyalist listeners (and all-round good girl) Fluffylamb stepped up to the plate and donated ALL of the money required to pay our Live365 bill for the next 6 months.I want to take this opportunity to thank her [...]

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February 5th – Show 223

The One Where Maf Asks For Help Breaking NewsMaf got this email this morning from Live365:Please be aware that your Live365 account XXXXXX is currently overdue. We attempted to charge you for renewal of the following service(s): - bi-annual P4 Broadcasting Package ($269.70 due on 02-06-2009) But we were unable to process your renewal transaction. [...]

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