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January 29th – Show 222

The One With Technical issues In tonights show:We have many problems with pcs which mean tonights show is a Frankenstiens monster of stitched together parts and missing sections. We do manage to get through the following though:Lees Man Den photosJosh & Leverage & HustleLostMafs Interview tomorrowKeep watching the TwitterThe Question of the Week:What single law [...]

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January 22nd – Show 221

The One With Life Saving In tonights show:Lee's back and early on we get Tamara on the phone and ask her about her life saving adventures then we keep her around for some Obama chat. Lee sends us a link for a photo he's done on, Mafs finally seen The Transporter and we remember the [...]

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January 15th – Show 220

The One With FluffyLamb In tonights show:Lee has a night off  so Fluffylamb kindly steps up to the plate (as stand in Tamaras internet has oddly failed)We discuss an unusual amount of televisual offerings including Demons, Hustle and Derren Brown.   We get a surprise call from New Hampshire as an old friend and new [...]

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January 8th – Show 219

The One With Slug Sex In tonights show:We review the last 2 weeks of christmas, families, karaoke and PS3's.Woolworths is dead, Zavvi is dying and the company Maf works for sheds 1000 jobs. We're staying positive though.We discuss the Doctor Who Christmas special, the new doctor who and Russell T Davies new book,  then we move [...]

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