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January 1st – Show 218

The New Years Day Specialor The Fluffy & Tamara Show 5 In tonights show:Fluffy and Tamara take to the airwaves (literally, as T sits a bit near her fan) for a fifth time. Join them for an hour and twenty five minutes of female based mayhem :P as they start the Snug Schedule for 2009Here's [...]

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December 25th – Show 217 – Podcast 131

The Christmas Day Special In tonights show:Maf & Lee settle down for an evening of booze, mince pies and "Snug Christmas Edition" of SingstarHave a good Christmas EveryoneThe Next live show will be Jan 8th but next week we have the long demanded return of Fluffy & Tamara in their New Years Day show. It'll [...]

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December 18th – Show 216 – Podcast 130

Twas The Snug Before Christmas In tonights show:Maf forgets to press record so this podcast is only about 25 mins long and you get a string of expletives right from the have been warned.I'm so gutted about it that I can't do shownotes....However you should go over toBells in the Batfry and enjoy his [...]

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December 11th – Show 215 – Podcast 129

The One with One More Till Christmas In tonights show:We talk about the run up to Christmas, money issues, Woolworths sale, Lees Hospital radio career, the decline of modern cinema and how type-a Lee is with his music files.Will you notice these show notes are shorter than usual?Do you read them?The Christmas music loop is [...]

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December 4th – Show 214 – Podcast 128

The One with an Answer In tonights show:We start with a rather great answer to last weeks question of the week from Tamara...all 6 minutes of it.  Excellent work T.  Can't wait to see what you make of this weeks...Maf tells you there's currently no going out of business bargains in Woolworths but we do [...]

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