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October 30th – Show 209 – Podcast 123

The One with Dead Set In tonights show:We discuss Dead Set, Ghost Town and what we'll be getting up to for halloween.  We briefly mention Lego Batman, Boxfresh Undies and TK Maxx.Maf has another interview so his fingers are crossed. Lee explains his Agel philosophy and why he's NOT ignoring Shelley and then later we have an [...]

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October 23rd – Show 208 – Podcast 122

The One with Lees Lists In tonights show:How Aichqus 60th led to a wasted sundayMaf tries to describe The Happiness of the KatakurisMaf plays World of GooAnd Lee provides us with a selections of entries from: Rejected 1st lines of poems Odd small ads Lines not found in Harry Potter Books Lines NOT from the [...]

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October 16th – Show 207 – Podcast 121

The One with A 1 to 1 With no Lee, you'd think it'd be a Maf-centric show... but it's not.You do get an update about Mafs job (lack of it) and you find out why Maf is not liking 2008 so much. Hear him discuss Journey To The Centre Of The Earth and Big Bang [...]

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October 9th – Show 206 – Podcast 120

The One with New Stuff We have a show brimming (well, there's some) with new content:  we have a new intro, a new backtrax and a new message from Scopey Steve.  Later on we defy all complainers and give you a new Harikaraoke...wether you want it or not :Pwe have a strange run in with [...]

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October 2nd – Show 205 – Podcast 119

The One with A Dead Friend We start with the gloomynews that Fluffy will be sleeping through this who as her pain medication has kicked in (she has a poorly back).Mafs week consisted of catching up with Burn Notice, Playing Spore, Going to the gym and getting temporarily addicted to Fantastic Contraption (damn that FlufflyLamb!) [...]

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