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September 25th – Show 204 – Podcast 118

The One with Angel Springs We have a rant or two from Lee this week as his multivitamins kick in and he takes a couple of companies to task... his watercooler trial company, Angel Springs and the people who gave him a parking ticket.Maf tries to build a potato cannon (and fails) and gets into [...]

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September 18th – Show 203 – Podcast 118

The One with Mafs Beard Join us as we ramble on about Snug Stats,  Lees Agel progress and Mafs job search. Maf is finally up to date with Supernatural & Smallville, which is good because they start again tonight.  He's also been enjoying 80's TV classic, The Adventure Game. Much to Lees surprise, he's also being [...]

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September 11th – Show 202 – Podcast 117

The One with Richard Cheese Our triumphant 2nd coming is marked with a Richard Cheese Special. We discuss Maf's sudden redundancy, Lees new car and get an Agel update.  Maf's been to Drayton Manor and while he wasn't overly impressed with the place in general, there were 2 rides that he quite enjoyed :PWe try [...]

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September 4th – Show 201 – Podcast 116

The One before the Relaunch Weyhey...its September and we're back.  kind of.Welcome to the show that's a test for the show next week :P We get together to try out or new format's only an hour long, done over Skype and doesn't involve a Harikaraoke (hey! stop cheering at the back). We discuss Maf's [...]

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