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May 22nd – Show 200 – Podcast 115

The Last In The SeriesIt's been a great ride...but like all comes to an end. That doesn't mean we're going off the air (for long) just means we're changing rides :PThis incarnation of the show has met it's match (Maf's moving house) and like any good Doctor Who, I'm hoping for a regeneration in [...]

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May 15th – Show 199 – Podcast 114

The One with The GirlsI'm totally speechless...what a show!!!   Tamara (from Canada) travels "47 Millions Miles*"  to be with us LIVE in the Vic and lots of live show shenanigans happen in the next 2 hours..C'mon don't expect me to remember it all do you??Did you enjoy the show? ...feel free to tell [...]

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May 8th – Show 198 – Podcast 113

The One with 4 YearsIt's our birthday...kind of.  This show is the nearest mark to our 4th birthday.  Yes, The Snug has been going for that long.  And with 2 more shows to go after this before the end of the 'season', you'd better make the most of it.Steff joins the increasing live posse and [...]

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May 1st – Show 197 – Podcast 112

The One with HeatherWe're back in our new home...The Royal Victoria in Prestatyn. They've kindly let us settle in their back room for the rest of this seasons showThat means that Chris Dean (of Naked Calendar fame) can join us again live....and we get many an interjection for barmaid Heather (who has just submitted her [...]

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