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April 24th – Show 196 – Podcast 111

The One Back In The VicGoddamn it....we spoke too soon.  Redten Internet have let you all down again as they appear to have stopped Mafs internet again for no good reason.  This means we load up the Snug-in-a-box and pay a return visit to The Vic.Chris Dean (of Naked Calendar fame) joins us live in [...]

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April 17th – Show 195 – Podcast 110

The One back in Snug TowersAaaaah...its good to be back in Snug Towers tonight as Mafs internet connection is finally working again. We have a lot of catching up to do so we cover a whole load of topics from Doctor Who & Pushing Daisies to the Samsung Terabyte Hard Drive mafs just bought for [...]

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April 10th – Show 194 – Podcast 109

The One From The PubTonight we actually broadcast live from a real snug...Yes, the Royal Victoria in Prestatyn plays host to the first (and possibly, last) outside broadcast of a regular show.If you haven't guessed already, Mafs internet is STILL not back...Please, please, please NEVER sign up with Redten Internet...No matter how tempted you are [...]

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March 27th – Maf hates ISPs

Goddamn it!! My selection of ISPs are driving me mad (it's a long, long, boring story). I apologise to you loyal listeners who were expecting a show on the 27th... If truth be told, I'm probably more gutted than you guys.Aptly summing it up is this email from T:whaaaaaaa whaaaaaaa WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA I can't belive there [...]

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