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April 3rd – Show 193 – Podcast 108

An Hour With MafVote for us on Live 365!!!Wheres Lee?? (and Fluffy!!)Maf has a, really..he does...The last post about hating ISPs is just the tip of the iceberg...For a show that only lasts just over an hour he certainly goes on a bit!As well as those blasted ISPs, you'll hear his thoughts on the [...]

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March 20th – Show 192 – Podcast 107

The One With Lees GashVote for us on Live 365!!!Lee gives us a link for a guy singing both parts of Whole New WorldHear all about Lees gash...and his showering habits.We proudly push our top rated Huntisms site which got 5000 hits last monthWe call Tamara, try Cindyb and tell Roach to sort out her [...]

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March 13th – Show 000 – Podcast 000

The One that wasn'tVote for us on Live 365!!!Bad luck seems out to get Maf recently as he gets his internet connection cut off this week. unfortunately, although we attempt an emergency relocation to the White house, we seem unable to get the mics to work. We eventually settle for chatting in the chatroom and [...]

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March 6th – Show 191 – Podcast 106

The One With Maf SackedVote for us on Live 365!!!We have a deja vu starting this week as we get 5 mins in and Maf realises he hasn't started the recorder...aren't you glad you only catch the podcast :PWe're straight in to the major event of the week as Maf is dismissed from his cushy [...]

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