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February 28th – Show 190 – Podcast 105

The One With Odd WordsVote for us on Live 365!!!Well, we appear to have some technical issues with this weeks show. The software that records the stream appears to have semi-crashed 38 mins in but still kept recording which has left the podcast with a clipped sound. We'll forgive you if you can't listen to [...]

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February 21st – Show 189 – Podcast 104

The One With More NakednessVote for us on Live 365!!!Our Naked Pictures are a hot topic again (taking up the first 15 mins) as we nearly have a years worth already. We kinda talk about them all show, on and off. Get on over to our Flickr page to see our latest additions. They really [...]

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February 14th – Show 188 – Podcast 103

The One With ValentinesVote for us on Live 365!!!Valentines requests and dedications run throughout tonights show as we help spread the love over our listeners.We talk about Naked Pictures again and direct you to our Flickr page to see our latest additions.We chat about the first episode of Ashes to Ashes and introduce you to [...]

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February 7th – Show 187 – Podcast 102

The One With the Naked CalendarVote for us on Live 365!!!Another program warning?: This is quite a sexist program and contains some angry outbursts and uncomfortable moments....You have been warnedMichael Jackson helps us out with this weeks green onionsMaf starts the show by inadvertently calling our listeners, losers (listen to the whole show to see [...]

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