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January 31st – Show 186 – Podcast 101

The One With Sex listsVote for us on Live 365!!!We hear about Mafs HD DVD player deal (from takes us through some famous songs with errors left in them including:Louie Louie by the KingsmanStevie Wonder - FingertipsBob Dylan - 115th dreamThe Beatles - Hey JudeTamaras Sex List informs the whole show, permeating it's perviness [...]

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January 24th – Show 185 – Podcast 100

The One With Catastrophic FailureVote for us on Live 365!!!Ok...this might get a little complicated...Thursday 24th21:30 - Maf stuck in traffic, show starts half an hour late21:36 - Something odd happening with Yahoo21:40 - Live 365 Stream drops out21:42 - realise internet connection dead, swear lots21:45 - play Elf Maf & Lee for podcast audience21:47 [...]

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January 17th – Show 184 – Podcast 99

The One With Brevity, BabyVote for us on Live 365!!!Lee gets weighed and back-handed compliments ensue..This leads us to ask "If you eat a food and no one knows, does it still have calories?"we discuss Elf Maf & Lee and promise to play some later (see Music This Show)Tamara upsets Lee over Scrabalous...But he's not [...]

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January 10th – Show 183 – Podcast 98

The One With Pervy TWe often talk about losing our (non-existent) Family rating...well this show well and truly blows our cover - This has an unashamed Adult Rating. This is your one and only warning! :DWe speculate about Podcast 100 and the identity of VNV then we notice how well Tamara looks on her webcam [...]

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January 3rd – Show 182 – Podcast 97

The One With Christmas AftermathWe drink Triple Certified Honduran Coffee with EggNog Syrup.We moan about Eastenders-esque Christmas Days and Boxing Day travelling.We enthuse about Tobogganing in Milton Keynes and marvel at how trustworthy the locals are.We consider Maf cooking Christmas dinner.We blame Lee for a broken nose in a New Years Eve ruckuss.We wonder about [...]

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