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December 27th – The Fluffy & Tamara Show 4

The Fluffy & Tamara Show 4The One with PooOk...this is going to be a trip into the surreal (and no mistake). I should maybe start by warning you that this show is subtitled 'The One With Poo' for a very good reason..Our hosts seem to be a bit...erm...anal about their waste.Look (or listen, if you [...]

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December 20th – Show 181 – Podcast 96

The One With The GirlsWow...I knew it was gonna be a complicated affair, asking our favourite girls onto the show for a live skype conference, but holy moly!! it's a good job it's only once a year. I'm not sure my fragile ego could stand the whipping (Monkey Boy indeed!!)I'll be honest with you, I [...]

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December 13th – Show 180 – Podcast 95

The One With YoutubeAfter an auspicious (and somewhat ice-filled) starting ramble we suddenly realise that this is Lee's last show before Christmas...he's skipping out on next weeks show for a works Christmas Do (sheesh). Stay tuned to find out how the plans for next weeks show evolve.For those Fans Of The Snug Fans Blog who [...]

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December 6th – Show 179 – Podcast 94

The One With A Complete Green OnionsFor you podcast listeners who always miss it, we do a complete RIAA-Baiting version of Green onions (ooh we'll get letters!!)In tonights show we find out what happens when Maf falls up stairs, what measuring system Darth Vader uses and the intricacies of Cheese Soup (much to the disgust [...]

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