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November 29th – Show 178 – Podcast 93

The One With InnuendoEarly in the show we get sent Puff the Magic Dragon - and what an experience it is too :)Puppy returns as a listener, marking the 2nd listener in as many months to it due to the long winter nights :)After bragging about not getting hangovers, Tamara comes in for a [...]

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November 22nd – Show 177 – Podcast 92

The One With Top 5'sThere's lots of talk about photos tonight: Pictures of Me And Lee and Fluffy and another of Inga the Swedish Cow-girlAfter much haranguing from Lee (and after listening back to the show) I think it's only fair to put the serial killer picture here...We suggest in passing that T looks like [...]

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November 15th – Show 176 – Podcast 91

The One With ScrabbleTry as we might theres no way we can get far into the show without bringing up Tamaras brain damaged pussy... It's one of those "really funny after the fact cos no one is seriously hurt" type stories. Our favourite!!Check out why Lee wanted to be called Bomber or Gunner in his [...]

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November 8th – Show 175 – Podcast 90

The One With RoachLee is better after last weeks illness, he does, however, bust the myth about vomit and Carrots in no uncertain terms...maybe we should give a 'Strong Stomach' warning.Yes, we've finally given in a registered on always, our screen name is snugradio if you want be our friend... It makes us wonder [...]

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November 1st – Show 174 – Podcast 89

The One With Lees BelchesMaf gives us his reviews of 'Flight of the living dead' and 'Transformers'. One is better than the other, listen to find out whichwe briefly touch on last nights 'live' Halloween show before moving onto Lees new website...the party engine which leads us onto Snug Car Stickers "The Snug wanted their [...]

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