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October 25th – Show 173 – Podcast 88

The One With Rachel HatredAt the risk of sounding like the Snugfans blog, I've had a really busy weekend and my wisdom teeth are playing up so I feel like crap. so...with that said, here's the shownotes in list format:Will Lee quit this week?Halloween - costumes and ideasSaturdays Party and naked twister and the new [...]

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October 18th – Show 172 – Podcast 87

The One With Beth DittoDid you know there's actually such a thing as an Official National Dance. No, really...and apparently for Mexico it's the Hat Dance...which begs the question: What are the national dances for some other nations? We try guessing a few but why not drop us a line and tell us.While you're at [...]

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October 11th – Show 171 – Podcast 86

The One With ExtrasAfter 1 day in work in 4 weeks, Lee dreams of quitting....give him a jobMaf discusses his recent visit to the Birmingham Sea Life and The Apollo Hotel that he was booked into. Here the story of late entry and the offer of 'extras'.After Maf told everyone to not discuss Heroes last [...]

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October 4th – Show 170 – Podcast 85

The One With Flange Lee tells us about his cellulitis and details his hospital shenanigansWe have a chat about last weeks show & EssexLee has a new toy: PCDJVJKJ (you really have to listen)And we decide that Jackie Ayres should listen to the show more often :)Music This ShowAmy Winehouse - ValerieRichard Horeley - SeriousSan [...]

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