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September 27th – Show 169 – Podcast 84

The Mini-Guerrilla CastThe 'show' is only 15 minutes long this week as Lee is still ill and Maf can't get home in time for the show. It's the mini-guerrilla cast from the IT office at Alton music and just Maf apologising for there being no show. We do cover a bit of email we've [...]

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September 20th – Show 168 – Podcast 83

The One With Music (and just Maf)There's no Lee this week (he's ill) so it's just Maf this week. Now this might not be news to those listening last week as we though Lee was not here anyway...but midweek he called to say the show was on a Wednesday night so he could do the [...]

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September 13th – Show 167 – Podcast 82

The One With Baby Talk Scopeys relations (Steve and Lucy hawking) bring out a kids book about the universein a related item we find a Lego Steve HawkingWe move onto Funerals: burning corpses and energy saving, body briquettes and pizza kitchenswe mention to the girls that were expecting a Fluffy & Tamara 4 - The [...]

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September 6th – Show 166 – Podcast 81

The One With No Lee Pirate Dave joins us tonight as Lee finds himself tied up. Completely missing the convienient 2 week window left by Mafs Holiday, Naomi Kate Darcy White weighed in at 6lb 12oz on 6th SeptemberWe talk a little about Mafs Disney holiday (although you may hear about that for a couple [...]

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