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The Fluffy & Tamara Show 3

The Fluffy & Tamara Show 3Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls!! The time has finally arrived!!You asked...We delivered!!Here it is, without further todo, We are proud to present the glorious, long awaited, third installment of the inimitable, the one and onlyFluffy & Tamara Show2 Girls, 1 hour and 9 minutes, a bit of nonsense!!Why not [...]

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August 16th – Show 165 – Podcast 80

The One With Sally All participants of the Scope Opera appear to be on holiday this week and we hardly mention it at all. Hopefully lots of intriguing twists and turns will happen while we're away for 2 weeks.Auntie Sally's in the expect lots of talk about Abbey (the UK banking chain) and lots [...]

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August 9th – Show 164 – Podcast 79

The One With A Bit Of A Mix Very little Scope Opera this week so lets have a look at someListener Feedback:Hi Lee & Maf, I'm just listening to the podcast from last Thursday's show and laughing my head off listening to you two. So, you're interested in my Bermuda Triangle are you...It's very Ayrey....Ha! [...]

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