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August 2nd – Show 163 – Podcast 78

The One With The Time The time is almost five past nineScopey Opera - not only do we get feedback concerning one intrigue but now we find messages threatening the Fettuchinis who haven't appeared on our show for a couple of years...which leaves us stunned and bewilderedAlmost as bewildered as hearing that Lee is going [...]

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July 26th – Show 164 – Podcast 77

The One With No Shownotes We did some Scope opera stuff and Lee told us about his eye-opening visit to Crocky Trails - We get distracted by a girl in a dressing gown over the street and talk for another hour and a half about loads of other stuff too...The Snugfans blog will have a [...]

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July 19th – Show 163 – Podcast 76

The One With No Steve Scope opera - It seems Steve was on the doomed Brazilian flight that crashed recently....we've not heard from him since..but hope he's ok...who'd do our intros? We have Mychingo voicemails from Bill, Elizabeth and Audrey...two of these messeages had hidden text addendums, like little voicemail easter eggs. Audrey even joins [...]

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July 12th – Show 162 – Podcast 75

The One With New Software Scopey Opera - things take a nasty turn as we overhear a member of the cast organising a hit on Steve and Liz...eeek stay tuned to see if the hit is carried outwe realise the alter-ego of one of our loyal listeners is The Canadian Ninja...we can't tell you which [...]

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July 5th – Show 161 – Podcast 74

The One With A Revelation Scopey drops a bombshell as he joins the likes of George Michael, Freddie Mercury and Dale Winton in the 'celebs who've come out of the closet' club. What makes this even more confusing is the fact that 2 girls have contacted the show about paternity suits. We also had a [...]

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