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June 28th – Show 160 – Podcast 73

The One With Some News There's a bit of deja vu for our live listeners as Maf, once again, forgets to start recording...after half an hour..Doh! We get a recap of the Scope opera and then try and summarise the last 30 minutes in2We talk about loads of stuff this's some links to some [...]

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June 21th – Show 159 – Podcast 72

The One With Burkina Faso We do some stuff and catch up on the Scope Opera (Lee even shows a spark of genius as he secretly works out who's 'helping' the Scope Opera alongWe touch briefly on 'disappointment' in it's various formsWe discuss the future which leads us to the Microsoft Surface..HERE'S a link to [...]

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June 14th – Show 158 – Podcast 71

The One With Some Snug 2 Work delays the shownotes so they'll be sketchier than usualWe have a massive recap on 'How to get in touch with the show' and then get into the Scope opera. Things are taking a turn for the wierderWe move onto various forms of technology (archos, N95, Wii mod-chips) and [...]

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June 7th – Show 157 – Podcast 70

The One With Beer SolutionsThe Scopey Soap - Phil is apparently dead but we've has a message from his brother Bill threatening action. We also get a post-humous message from Phil and find that Audrey is a DJ (who'd'a thunk it)Maf has been suffering from Garden-CBA for a while now, so last week he got [...]

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