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May 31st – Show 156 – Podcast 69

The One With Webcammax Lets Start off by warning you there is a lot of webcam silliness in this show...Both of us play during the show... It seems to appeal to Lee more than Maf. Moving on..We try unsuccessfully for 2 hours to not point out it's show 69We get straight into TV as the [...]

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May 24th – Show 155 – Podcast 68

The One With Kahlua There's an updat on the Scope Opera (this is getting to be a regular there anyone out there that would like to document this in flash animation for the website so that people can catch up??)Maf is having a few days off next go...wait for a tent...this tent [...]

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May 17th – Show 154 – Podcast 67

The One With The Future A blue screen of death in the first 5 minutes of the show cause some deja vu moments for our live listeners as we recap for our podcast audience...There's an update on Scopey Steves ongoing relationship with Audrey...crptic messages can be found on our mychingo player on our webpagewe discuss [...]

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May 10th – Show 153 – Podcast 66

The One With Ian M It's our birthday...3 years ago on May 6th...The Snug was born!But, as it's slipped our mind till now, we have the usual bag of nonsense:What's the new series of Hustle like?What are the latest developments in the Scopey soap opera?Why does Lee need a rant about the mothers of disabled [...]

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May 3rd – Show 152 – Podcast 65

The One With Webcams We get an intimate update on Scopeys relationship with all its soap-operary details. Then we move onto a variety of sujects, including:A new election strategy : Big Idol Brother - VotingThe Infinity pool and Jules Verne (Apparently, 20 000 leagues [nautical] = 69 046.766 881 413 mile...Who'da thunk it)Cindy B's [...]

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