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April 26th – Show 151 – Podcast 64

The One With An Ill Maf I'll start by apologising for this weeks notes...not only was I ill, but I couldn't get into Blogger for 90% of the show...Sheesh!!Scopey Steve has an admirer! His offensive chatter has not put off Audrey, who left him a couple of messages on our Mychingo this week...stay tuned to [...]

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April 19th – Show 150 – Podcast 63

The One With Live365 problems Scopey Steve offends everyone with his intro this week...but check out his audio version of the Snug Fans Blog...He obviously loves the fans as he's spent ages recreating the experienceWe talk of Myspace and our new friends including Diablo Swing OrchestraI imagine you'll hear a bit from them next show [...]

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April 12th – Show 149 – Podcast 62

Another One With Life on Mars We get straight into the main talking point for this show... The final episode of Life on Mars.Apologies in advance...we talk about it a lot and there's loads of spoilers. You're probably better off not listening to this show until after you've seen it if you remotely care about [...]

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April 5th – Show 148 – Podcast 61

The One With Life on Mars Oh the choices...start the show on time...or watch a documentary about ladies with large breasts?!?! It was a close call...but we love our listeners...doh! Did anyone record it?We start early with our Mychingo and the current feud between our Scopey Steve and the lame-ass, dyslexic 'speak n spell' Steve [...]

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