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March 29th – Show 147 – Podcast 60

The One With Lascivious Biddies If it's an occasional table, what is it all the rest of the time?Maf heard The Lascivious Biddies on another podcast called He liked them so much he actually paid for their albums!! We discuss their cover of the song Ask and anticipate playing more next showNew retrospective royalty [...]

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March 22nd – Show 146 – Podcast 59

The One With T's 2nd Year We're all over the place this week...just go and listen to the show!!Music tonightRachel Arrief - Have a BabyBlack - Better Letting GoTamara SingsEurythmics - Who's That GirlTracy Chapman -HarikaraokeAll My Loving - BeatlesThis is the Skype voicemail number so now you have no excuse to not leave us [...]

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March 15th – Show 145 – Podcast 58

The One With 'The Black interview' Another action packed show as we find out what happened at The Black interview (Damn Lee and damn technology) then we find out what happened to Maf at his IT conference a couple of weeks ag. Both the guys have a flat tyre story and then Maf briefly discusses [...]

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March 1st – Show 144 – Podcast 57

The One With Stuff We pack so many random thoughts into tonights show that I can't think of a title...We start with a breaking news item...a local 'carbunclephant' is currently on fire. Is Lee a prime suspect...he certainly goes someway to making himself one.We have a new live listener (though whether he returns or not [...]

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