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December 31st – Show 135 – Podcast 48

The One Before 2007 Here's a list of stuff we managed to pack into this show:The Christmas holidays - eat, sleep, watch telly and repeat!Mafs Grandma dies on Christmas DayWeddings and 'working from home'Iraqi torturing and Saddams demiseThe Snug Forum and how you should all go and post!Mafs New York Pics at Swap Shop [...]

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December 23rd – Show 134 – Podcast 47

At Last...The One Before Christmas We're Back...and it's about time!!!We try and cram in some New York stuff, some New Job stuff and Some reasons for being away so long... Oh...And Lee gets to say some stuff too :)Music tonightOh Holy Night - UnknownSanta Claus is coming to town - Joseph SpenceChristmas time - The [...]

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What’s happened to The Snug?!

Hi Guys...So, What exactly HAS happened to The Snug?! Why no new a show last week?Why no new show this week?We can only offer an apology...and blame someone else! Upon my return from New York (which was a blast, btw) I found my internet connection was down. After rebooting pcs and routers etc I googled [...]

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