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November 23rd – Show 133 – Podcast 46

The One Before New York Well, it's another short show this week because Maf is off to New York early tomorrow and he's got 4 hours travelling ahead of him before he sleeps!!Among some of the things we discuss tonight are: What happened at Mafs interview, Casino Royale and testicular torture, Mafs Neighbour and the [...]

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November 16th – Show 132 – Podcast 45

The One Before An Interview Well, it's a short show this week because Maf has an important job interview tomorrow so he needs to get up early. But we try and pack it with fun and frolics for all you enthusiastic listenersA short checklist for tonights show would includeSAW 3 - Possibly more gory than [...]

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November 9th – Show 131 – Podcast 44

The One With Haven We play some parody tunes from our listeners Elmo and Dawnie early in the show, before moving on to some TV and film stuff. On the Snug Forum, someone was talking about Dexter, so Maf checked that out this week and her about Mafs escapade with pirate porn?!As we neared ten [...]

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