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November 2nd – Show 130 – Podcast 43

The One With A Halloween Repeat This show is an experience you can't do justice to in show notes.Alter-egos, Malcolm and Len-nerd take the reins in the studio and host an 'Almost Haunted Live' special. 2 hours of ghostly goings on including interview with top medium, Paul T. Geist, some Halloweenesque music. While all this [...]

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October 26th – Show 129 – Podcast 42

The One With CindyB & Tom too Notes about the show...scrappier than usual cos it's Sunday now...We get into Heroes and Lost pretty early on. Maf feels that Heroes is besting Lost somewhat in the 'Oh my God, I can't wait till next week' Stakes. As Lee hasn't started on Lost yet, he can't comment.Did [...]

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October 19th – Show 128 – Podcast 41

The One With No Title we discuss Coke & Dr Pepper Z (Zero) then move on to "What we did this week".Maf has started his next Open University course whilst Lee dreams of resignationWe have a chat about our Tuesday night karaoke debacle with Steff.We try to resurrect plans for the gook village and consider [...]

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October 12th – Show 127 – Podcast 40

The One With Flickr -That's the mail address to send your photos directly to The Snugs new Flickr pool . We ask for (and get) new pics during the show. Come and see some of our listeners and why not add youself to the Listeners Set.Should you feel the overwhelming urge, Maf has his [...]

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October 5th – Show 126 – Podcast 39

The One With Movie Reviews Early in the show we hear about Maf's interview that threatens stability at Snug Towers. Also in the workplace, we hear about Lee's tired eyes and what he needs to do about them (spoons and cucumbers???)There are many cool shows starting on TV (in the US) this Autumn...We've mentioned a [...]

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