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September 28th – Show 125 – Podcast 38

The One With A 'Fairy' CodpieceOk, I summarised these notes straight after the show so I could get it out quickly. I did intend to come back and flesh these notes out with links and stuff but I decided to leave it as it is (cos I'm, dead lazy and it's Thursday again all of [...]

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September 21st – Show 124 – Podcast 37

The One With Pirates (of course)Official Talk Like A Pirate Day was September 19th - Did you do your part?Lee takes a night off (to earn some cash) so Pirate Dave stands in, even though he has a case of pirate-man flu. We played a lot more music than normal...some of which we 'discussed' over [...]

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September 14th – Show 123 – Podcast 36

The One With ArachnidsThere's many a tale told in tonights show. If you download the podcast, you'll hear all the following and moreMafs arachnoid events!! It's that time of the year again, folks...and I hate spiders. This conversation eventually deviates into 'winged black recluse funnel widows' and I'm not best pleased!We have a story about [...]

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September 7th – Show 122 – Podcast 35

The One With Colonic IrrigationOn the run up to our 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' special (21st September), Lee informs us that he's not going to make it...that's ok though, because we're gonna draft in Pirate Dave to co-host.Don't forget to send us you piratey mp3 greetings to dropouts on the live feed finally [...]

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