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August 31st – Show 121 – Podcast 34

The One With A ThereminTonight we discuss getting old (Maf is excited about buying hedge clippers & bbqs), new neighbours (The new occupant of the flat next door to Snug Towers has yet to complain about the show...) and Talk Like A Pirate Day!We also chew the fat about ways to in spectaular deaths [...]

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August 24th – Show 120 – Podcast 33

The One With Free PassesThis one's rated PG-13 - We say Motherf*&$ker a bitMaf reviews SNAKES ON A PLANE and Sam Jackson leaves a message for Lee, kind of.Snug Film Review section has a new sponsor. It's Apollo Cinema, Rhyl and we're excited cos they've given us press passes to review all the new releases....look [...]

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August 17th – Show 119 – Podcast 32

The One With Bits MissingOk, I have a confession...I inadvertently had the show recorder set to 'autostop' after 60 minutes and didn't notice until 10 minutes before the end of the show. This means that this show is only an hour and ten minutes long......DOH! It also means that some of the show notes will [...]

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August 10th – Show 118 – Podcast 31

The One With An Ill MafMaf's a bit ill this week. A throat infection (which is quite a problem for a talk show!!) but we battle on and do an hour and 45 minute show anyhoo!We float our initial ideas for a Youtube version of the show: Snug TVWe're picturing it as a 10 minute [...]

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August 3rd – Show 117 – Podcast 30

The One That's ShortBit of a short one for you this week...but not that short! We chat about Lees bad week and Mafs days out (he's still on holiday but still doing the show...dedication!) . We welcome Michael, a new listener from London (welcome aboard!) and also call Michelle who is having problems with her [...]

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