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July 27th – Show 116 – Podcast 29

The One With A Snug 2 EndingLet me start by saying I'm on holiday this week and next so the shows may run a little short and the shownotes a little sparse. Lee has a guitar!! (and the first chord of Hard Days Night sounds like a piano dropping on someone...the relevance?! who knows?)Our Myspace [...]

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July 20th – Show 115 – Podcast 28

The One With SupermanSuperman Returns : Maf caught it at the weekend and put's it on a par with POTC:DMC! What a damn fine film this is. Brandon captures Chris Reeves' Clarkl Kent to a T and it's a fitting tribute! Although the massively scoped plot is cohesive, I only seem to remember set pieces [...]

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The Jeff Daniels Interview

Here is the standalone version of the Jeff Daniels interview.Don't forget, his album is for sale at and make sure you mention The Snug (you won't get a discount but we'll love you for it!)Once you've got the Jeff Daniels craving, don't forget all the other stuff he's done.Here's a selection from AmazonEnjoy the [...]

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July 6th – Show 113 – Podcast 26

The One With MagnersWith 2 litres of Irish cider between us (that'll be Magners) we embark on another 2 nonsensical hoursHow is Matalan to blame for coastal erosion? Listen to Lees theory and find out...We expand on a women and candles topic...but not particularly in the way you're thinking.then we move onto Cave houses in [...]

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