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June 29th – Show 112 – Podcast 25

The One With Jeff Daniels 2Lee's back from holiday and that's a good job otherwise he would've missed, arguably, our most important show ever (so far).There really is no better time to subscribe to our podcasts...that way, you'll never miss a thing!Click here to subscribe for FREE! Do you know something...? I'm sure I know [...]

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The F & T Show 02

The F&T Show 2 - JuneFirst, an apology to the girls. Jeff's been taking all my time recently so I've not had chance to do some decent shownotes for this show...sorry ladies. I am putting the show up now and will come back to the shownotes later (hopefully over the weekend). In the meantime why [...]

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June 22nd – Show 111 – Podcast 24

The One With No LeePirate Dave guest hosts to cover Lees holiday and brings a piratey flavour to the show. With a hearty 'Avast!' and 'Ahoy!', we set sail on the comedy ship - even though we decided to use a plane metaphor on the show!Is Jonathon Ross a closet Snug listener??? - Last Saturdays [...]

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June 15th – Show 110 – Podcast 23

The One With The Snug BookSnug merchandise!? We bring up The Snug CD (a collection of our 'funniest' shows?) and The Snug Book (like a show but in book form) anyone with any suggestions or submissions can feel free to mail usWe talk more about Jeff Daniels - excitement builds as we have less than [...]

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June 8th – Show 109 – Podcast 22

The One With More Gaijin A Go-goWow...How cool is this..?The Snug gets a mention in the liner notes for the new Gaijin A Go-Go album, Go-Go Bootcamp!!! This means you should all go and buy a copy NOW!!The best of the East meets the beats of the West with a sound that gets your booty [...]

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