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June 1st – Show 108 – Podcast 21

Another One With SallyIt's official, after much negotiation (we said 'yes') Jeff Daniels, Hollywood Legend, is going to be calling The Snug!!! - We'd like you to send us some questions for Jeff to the usual address ( before June 18th!Sally rants about her new hairdo and gives us a few interview techniques for when [...]

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May 25th – Show 107 – Podcast 20

Another One With Pirate DavePirate Dave joins us in studio again this week and brings us pressies: coke, beer and sweets what more could a hard-working Internet DJ desire (women, next time, Dave!). We have some Piratey goodness and the move onto Tamaras house.As you are no doubt aware, Tamara is our number 1 international [...]

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May 18th – Show 106 – Podcast 19

The One With Vice MonkeysIt's not often you get to hear our No1 listener swear, but tonight's the night! Listen in awe as Tamara peppers the show with obscenities.We hear what it's like in Lees head when he's thinking and talk some more about monkeys.We Skype Pirate Dave and invite him onto the show next [...]

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The F & T Show 01

The F&T Show 01 - MaySo you're hoping for a respite from the madness eh? 'fraid not. This is the number 1 show of the number 1 fans of the number 1 show that's called The Snug. I must start but congratulating them on their theme music...the appropriate and oddly tikibartv-esque "The Lunatics (Have taken [...]

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May 11th – Show 105 – Podcast 18

The One With The MixoffMaf gets soundly trounced in the Life On Mars Mixoff...and although voting is still open, it's a pretty open and shut case?Both files are linked at the bottom of the page so you can make up your own minds and don't forget to cast your votes by going to and [...]

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May 4th – Show 104 – Podcast 17

May the Fourth (be with you)Ah...Catastrophic failure whilst writing the show notes means that you really will have to listen to catch the missing bits. These notes will be patchier than normal.We talked a lot about pooh in the start of the show and then the Number 2 association kicked in and we moved onto [...]

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