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April 27th – Show 103 – Podcast 16

The One That's Wearing PurpleHow do we go about getting Gogol Bordello in the UK charts??? Anyone in the record industry listening?? 'Start Wearing Purple' has got Summer number one written all over it!! advice please!!Last week Lee ranted about illegal immigrants and how they leech our benefit system. This week we find (scarily) the [...]

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April 20th – Show 102 – Podcast 15

The One That's Machiavellian Lee rants about illegal immigrants and the BNP. Also hear the odd story about someone anonymously posting BNP stuff thru Lees letterbox! We do find ourselves wondering if a Glenister was in a movie over the Easter holiday and also how evil our audience actually is (take the Evil test under [...]

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April 13th – Show 101 – Podcast 14

The One with Pirate DavePirate Dave is in the house!!Your assignment for last week was to come up with things for ROOM 101. So what things did you hate? These were my arbitary categories to help focus my thinking...Mafs 101 CategoriesFashion:- 'political correctness'Company:- 'RIAA / MPAA'Institution:- Organised ReligionTV Show:- Big BrotherFilm:- Flight to hellActor:- ?Actress:- [...]

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April 6th – Show 100 – Podcast 13

The One That's Show 100Oh My God!! It's Show 100. They said it couldn't be done...Almost 200 hours of Snug goodness under the bridge and no end in sight"We have 'special' guest Shelly in the studio to bring a feminine air to the has the unfortunate side effect of making us ruder than normal... [...]

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