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March 30th – Show 99 – Podcast 12

The One With chavscum!Wow....another ranty show....oh, don't get me started about leanne bloody black (she doesn't deserve capitals, I didn't miss them by accident). Britains youngest drink driver (12) punches out the prosecutor in the court room and her parents claim to be proud of wonder the countrys going to the 'dogs' (oddly, her [...]

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March 23rd – Show 98 – Podcast 11

The One With RantsAfter a slow start (from our perspective) we really got into rant mode... (not like us at all) We tackle Religion, Big Corpoations, Piracy and Australians, so we're bound to piss off at least someone.On Tonights Show:Stephen Hawking sings 'The King of Spain' by Moxy Fruvous. He's an occasional listener and really [...]

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March 16th – Show 97 – Podcast 10

The One With Barry ArieffA show that starts almost on time. Seems to throw some of the live listeners who appear a few minutes in...looks like we trained them with our usual tardiness.During the last week The Snug has seen unprecedented snow for this area (and time of year) so it took over the first [...]

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March 9th – Show 96 – Podcast 9

The One With New ListenersYay, a show with no tech problems...well no more than normal. We should start off by welcoming the new influx of listeners... a mix of live snugsters and podcast snugsters. Thanks for joining usTalk like a pirate...go on! do it now! Aaaarrrrrrggghhhhh! see, don't you feel much better now.Show 100 is [...]

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March 2nd – Show 95 – Podcast 8

The One With Technical DifficultiesNot only do we start a good 45 mins late for our live listeners, but the 'super computer' (Lees Laptop) decided its a good time to stop running the DJ software...sheesh. Anyway...We soldiered on. I'm frazzled at show end, so these notes will be more hit and miss than usual and [...]

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