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February 23rd – Show 94 – Podcast 7

The One that's Soopadoopa.Tonight we dig out the Skype microphone and proceed to have the usual shenanigans.We start with a quick call to Lees wife so she can tell us the name of the artist he can't remember. it turns out it's JH Lynch who produced the iconic 'lady looking sexily round tree' from [...]

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February 16th – Show 93 – Podcast 6

Yaay....It's Tamara's Birthday...our number one international listener gets one year old.. erm ..prettier. Warning...We sing 'Happy Birthday'!!!We started early on Life on Mars...If you're not watching this program, you're really missing out...especially if you're our age and lived in the UK in the 70's...see the link in the last shownotes then get yourself over to [...]

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February 9th – Show 92 – Podcast 5

The One With Buttercup.Joining us tonight, with her 'voice for mime', is the delectable Buttercup.We discuss the vagaries of the Welsh language, mad religious fanatics who really need to calm down, more 'Life on Mars' ( , Lost and even Prison Break which has just started on UK TV. We try and get some personal [...]

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February 2nd – Show 91 – Podcast 4

The one with Tamaras presentOur Christmas present from one of our Canadian listeners, Tamara, has arrived. She has the excuse of living on an island though. So we'll forgive her. Coffee and chocolate always goes down a treat in The Snug!If you're a podcast listener, we'd like to know where you listen to The [...]

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