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Fluffys LogSnugdate: 01 December 2005Good old greeny Onions (what happened to the Christmas version guys? )Lee and his dodgy lead once again, someone sort him out with a new one please!!!!Needing to up listner stats peeps, bring some freinds along to join us! We seem to be losing listners to Little Britain, get your priorities [...]

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Fluffys LogSnugdate: 24 November 2005Show starts with Lee complaining about Mafs cold 'Studio'. Get the heating on you skinflint!!! :oPGeneral Housekeeping - Join us live in the chatroom... just follow the link!The Snug getting a telling off from Live365 - The playlist doesn't conform to the RIAA. *tut* Luckily Maf has changed the playlist, [...]

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