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Due to ghosts and goblins in my computer I have yet to hear the whole Snug Halloween special.I missed bits during the live show and have not been able to open the zipped file from The Snug web site. I am listening to the repeat right now but because it takes so long for my [...]

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Fluffys Log.Snugdate: 20 October 2005well, welcome to yet another blog....As per usual we start with the general housekeeping, where and how you can get in touch with he Guys..Big News!!! Tami finally has her webcam up and running although Lee is having trouble getting to watch it.Logo competition is still up and running... only one [...]

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This weeks show begins with the usual kafuffle and contact info. (go to for all your contact needs)The question this week: What will Maf do for money. He will accept cheques for large amounts. "How bad is the badisty bad and how low would ya go?" Maf asks .Big hello to the college folks [...]

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Ok there is a slight delay in the Blog for this past week's show. I need to listen to the repeat and have not been able to do so yet. I will do my best to have it done over the next day or so.

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Hello!A little introduction before I start. I'm Fluffy, I've been listening to the Snug from near enough the start, over a year ago now. Hehe! That sounds like I've just introduced myself at an alcoholics anonymous meeting! Anyways..... on with the blog........Fluffys Log.Snug date 6 10 2005 aproximatly 9pm GMT (I say approximatly, because they're [...]

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The Snug BlogIt's on it's way...First real post will be after the live show this Thursday.Check out The Snug at and listen live every Thursday 9pm GMT

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